Characterization of two squares in Rome through remote sensing and environmental data


  • Francesco Atanasio Carolei Sysdeco Italia
  • Fabrizio Filiberti Sysdeco Italia
  • Lorenza Fiumi CNR-Istituto Ingegneria del Mare-Roma
  • Marco Torre CNR-Istituto Inquinamento Atmosferico- Roma


telerilevamento, piazze, veicoli, flussi di traffico, emissioni inquinanti


With very high resolution Pléiades Neo sensor data acquired in two public spaces in the city of Rome, the object-based image analysis (OBIA) method is applied. The goal of the work is to characterize and quantify the vehicles, with a synoptic view. The data on the traffic flow data expressed as equivalent vehicles/hour relating to the rush hour of the winter weekday morning have been used to make a calculation of the  polluting emissions in g/h present in the two areas. The results obtained, while requiring further verifications on other study areas, have highlighted the validity of the method and its reproducibility on a large scale for support in urban planning. The multidisciplinary work, in particular, wants to offer the work of an experimental nature and intends to offer a starting point for reflection on the current use of some public spaces of historical and architectural value. Over the centuries, these public spaces have seen the conditions of accessibility and usability worsen for people of different age groups.