Work injuries among teaching and non-teaching school staff. Analysis of frequency and mode of occurrence of the phenomenon in a school


  • Pasquale Scopa
  • Maddalena Atella
  • Isabella Maccà
  • Mariella Carrieri
  • Andrea Trevisan
  • Maria Luisa Scapellato
  • Giovanni Battista Bartolucci



Work accidents (IL ) are a major issue in all sectors of the labor market. There are no published studies in the literature related to
the frequency of IL between employees of the school, a branch of the public services that employs about 750,000 workers. The
aim of the study is to investigate the characteristics of frequency, severity and mode of occurrence of the accident in a school working
population. Accident Register of a School Institute in a town in the province of Potenza was analyzed as to date of occurrence
of the accident, manner, season, the professional involved and the number of working days lost. Some indicators have been
calculated: the incidence index (II), the average duration (DM), the index of frequency (IF) and the severity index (GI) of accidents
occurred in the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Institute examined during the calendar years included between 2003 and
2011. During the study period there were 11 IL, 7 of which at work: 3 among teachers and 4 in the non-teaching staff. The total
value in the Frequency (IF) was 8.2, while for teachers and non-teaching staffa (ATA) was 18.4 and 4.7 respectively. The severity
index (GI) of accidents recorded is 0.93. It assumed the value 0.22 for teachers and 3.0 for the non-teaching staff. The working
days lost for each IL are on average 113, being more numerous among non-teaching staff (163 days) than among teachers (43
days).The staff of the examined school showed overall rates of occurrence of accidents comparable with those of the economic
sector. The analysis of the profiles of job, however, showed significantly higher frequency and severity of accidents in the technical
and administrative staff. This difference can be partly explained by the peculiarities of the work of the technical and administrative
staff than teaching staff. Larger studies are needed that can emphasize the aspects characterizing the risk of accidents of
work activities present in the school environment.