8^ Mediterranean meetings of Industrial hygiene "carcinogens in the work and living environments: environmental monitoring, biological motoring, risk assessment and management "


  • Ivano Ammoscato Presidente di AIDII-Sud


The Southern Territorial section of the Italian association of Industrial Hygienists (AIDII) organized on 25 ad 26 November 2021, in Syracuse, the 8^Mediterranean meetings of Industrial hygiene "carcinogens in work and living environments: environmental monitoring, biological motoring, risk assessment and management”. Among the aims of the AIDII Southern section, since its establishment in Palermo in 2003, there has the promotion of single–issue events, courses and initiatives on the assessment and  management of the risk factors in the occupational and environment field. The dual purpose of the initiatives is to organize moments of scientific debate such as to enrich the knowledge and the cultural growth of the Industrial Hygienist, but also to promote the role and the visibility of the Association as a reference for competences and resources concerning the covered topic. Previous editions have dealt with the specific covered topics, through the experiences of the specialized professionals of the Industrial Hygiene and Environment, taking into account the single risk factors affecting the work and living spaces. The previous experiences highlighted how the practices of the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene require the need of a multidisciplinary and integrated approach for a transversal involvement of different expertises that synergistically contribute to the evaluation and the analysis of the emerging issue, finalized to the solution or to the correct management of them. The increased awareness that the border line between indoor and outdoor environments is often just an ideal concept, has led us to the need of addressing these topics in a transversal way. In fact, the effects of pollutants, both in indoor and outdoor environments, produce direct or indirect short- and long-term impacts on health, on the environment and on climate. The complexity of these issues requires the involvement of experts whose competences are able to ensure a correct risk assessment and management. In this event, the AIDII Southern Section has intended to propose to the scientific community a moment of discussion on how the competences can determine a real knowledge of specific issues and can support the choices for an effective improvement both in confined and not confined environments. The Initiative received favorable feedback from the Local institutions such as ARPA Sicily, the University of Catania, Professional Orders, Research Institutes and Scientific Associations as the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the CNR and the Italian Aerosol Society (IAS), which have decided to sponsor the event. The delicacy of the discussed topic, contextualized in the area of Syracuse, led us to further expand the audience also extending the discussions to professional figures who follow the impact of the carcinogenic, such as epidemiological and legal aspects.

Consumer Associations have also invited to comment on this. It's important to remember that the event in Syracuse was the first one in-person of AIDII after the COVID-19 pandemic phase.

Despite the fears and perplexities, there was a significant participation that involved all the actors that somehow gravitate around the topic. Noteworthy was the participation of professional figures that exposed the scientific news and technical solutions for the correct investigations of the problems, the production companies that insist in their geographic area of interest, the local institutions ASP and INAIL and the participants from both the public and the private sectors actively interested in the Industrial and Environment Hygiene. The conclusion of this event has once again highlighted how a transparent and constructive discussion between all the involved actors, is the only way to trace a shared path that will bring to the real benefit of all. In evidence of this important event, AIDII has decided to dedicate this issue of the Journal of the Association to the publication of some contributions presented at the meeting.



President of AIDII-Sud