AIDII: 50 years of Occupational Hygiene in Italy


  • Maria Cristina Aprea The AIDII President



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AIDII: 50 years of Occupational Hygiene in Italy
The Italian Association of Industrial Hygienists (AIDII) celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation on 16 November 2019 in Milan.
Since its foundation, AIDII promoted - in a harmonized way from the end of the 90s with its interregional territorial sections - the development, depth and dissemination of Industrial Hygiene with the aim of protecting the health and well-being of workers and the general population.
The "interdisciplinary vocation", as demonstrated by the directive boards that have been succeeded, is evident not only through the different training education and professionalism of the prevention figures who adhere to it, but also from the initiatives often carried out in collaboration with other Institutions, Associations and Scientific Societies. Fixed appointments - in addition to the National Conference (since 1975) and the "Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene" course – are "Le Giornate di Corvara" organized by the Triveneta Section (since 1995) and "Incontri Mediterranei di Igiene Industriale", organized by the South Section that reached the 7th edition in 2019.
In 1976 AIDII set up its own periodical Journal "Il Giornale Italiano di Igiene Industriale" which, through various editorial forms, led to the current "Italian Journal of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene" (IJOEHY). The traditional translation of the ACGIH volume "Threshold Limit Values and Biological Exposure Indices" was distributed to members in 2019 in the printed form to symbolically accompany the celebration of the 50th anniversary of AIDII.
The foundation, in 1986, of the Institute for the Certification of Industrial Hygienists (ICII) began a path that evolved up to the Institute for the Certification of Prevention Figures (ICFP), today compliant with the UNI CEI EN ISO IEC 17024 and UNI 11711 standards and recognized internationally by the National Accreditation Recognition Committee (NAR) of the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA). Among the peculiar activities of the last decade, the participation in various research, cooperation and awareness-raising projects, with national and international partnerships, intended to deepen some occupational hygiene issues and to share good hygiene practices. Flagships, the role played in the International Associations, the active participation in the IOHA Board, the organization in 2010 of the 8th International Scientific Conference IOHA in Rome and the IOHA presidency covered by an AIDII past-President from 2009 to 2010.
The proactive role of the Secretarial staff, of the members of the national and territorial Directive boards and of the Members allowed us to perceive in advance the problems, trends and changes taking place, in order to plan appropriate improvement actions in good time. Fundamental, especially in the last period, the presence on the Social Networks which allows AIDII to increase contacts with all its interlocutors.

As Dario Fo said "Culture cannot be achieved if one does not know one's own history". The history of AIDII gives the opportunity, to new and future generations of Industrial Hygienists, to know what has changed and what new innovations have brought us to the present day. History determines the sense of identity and belonging; personally I feel within myself the existence of shared values, which come from a common past into the Association.
The main objective of the “November 16th day” was to trace the events that have seen AIDII protagonist on the territory, nationally and internationally, with initiatives and activities that represent the history and the bases for Industrial Hygiene today and tomorrow; the open challenge of the inclusion of the Industrial Hygienist in the current regulatory framework of the global management of the environment, health and safety (EHS) policy.
In order to make participate all Members who were unable to attend the important event of November 16th, I have the honor and pleasure to present this current issue of the IJOEHY, dedicated, in content, to the publication of some contributions presented at the meeting. Someone will think that the contents are not scientific, in reality each line of each work demonstrates the great sense of belonging and the willingness of the Authors to transmit their knowledge in the field of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene and their experiences within AIDI.
The reaching of an important milestone, which not everyone can boast, spurs us to further objectives: the traditional and qualified training initiatives will continue with national and territorial courses and seminars, shortly we will release new monographic volumes, we will enhance the website and the online Journal, we will promote an interlocution with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. On the internal organizational front, we will continue to systematize the activities with the publication of Procedures and Guide Documents, we will review the Regulations to harmonize them with each other and adapt them to the new legislative requirements and we will implement our relations with other Associations and Scientific Societies, with Institutions and Universities.
What we are living today and what we will live tomorrow will be the subject of the history of the next 50 years and perhaps the celebration of the next event will start from this issue of our Journal.