Occupational exposure to Benzene, a comparison of different methods for collection and analysis


  • Danilo De Angelis Phoenix ESD srl
  • Maria Cristina Cappelletti Phoenix ESD srl
  • Silvia Capolongo Phoenix ESD srl
  • Damiano Toni Phoenix ESD srl
  • Cinzia Fulvi Phoenix ESD srl
  • Marco Pedone Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health




Benzene, Passive sampler, sampling methods, risk assessment, NIOSH Methods


The assessment of occupational exposure risk to carcinogenic substances, and in particular to benzene, can be a particularly complex activity when it is necessary to measure concentration values close to the method’s limit of detection. The aim of this study is to verify if the most internationally accredited sampling methods for benzene (NIOSH 2549 and Passive Sampling with Radiello n.145) are able, in the same sampling conditions, to provide comparable results. The study has been carried out following both the NIOSH 2549 and passive sampling with Radiello n.145 methodologies. Sampling was performed for a quite long time (about one month) during which a significant number of samples were collected and analyzed using both the methodologies indicated above at the same time. The results obtained as a whole show that there is a sufficient consistency between the NIOSH 2549 and Radiello RAD 145 methods.


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