Cold storage warehouse and manufacturing


  • Gianandrea Gino Sirt (Studio di Ingegneria per il Rischio Tecnologico), Milano



Cold wharehouse. Risk assessment. Microclimate.


Low controlled temperatures workplaces are widely spread in many manufacturing and service sites, from logistics to chemistry and research.

In the 'low-temperature storage and production' category is possible to find systems with very different sizes and temperatures, with a minimum common multiple: the unfavorable microclimate.

The risk profile immediately apparent is joined by the need for security for those who work in a 'confined' place more or less restricted and / or dangerous, where often the employee does an 'isolated' job.

Depending on the intended uses, the tasks and time spent inside by the workers, a careful occupational risk analysis is necessary to identify the prevention and protection measures,

Even in presence of many technical standards, guidelines and hygiene-occupational regulations, not always employer's Assessment Documents are fully evaluating all the risks to the safety and health of workers. The right answer is a mix of technical, organizational and training measures as well as health checks.

On the basis of technical literature review, has been developed a checklist for a wide-range approach, taking into account the relevant Italian OH&S regulations.

The methodological tool application has involved 5 plants for a total of 35 cells allowing to identify the actions to improve working conditions in the spirit of Legislative Decree 81/2008.


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