Standard EN 689 what changes


  • Elena Grignani Centro ricerche ambientali, ICSMaugeri, Pavia
  • Giulia Pizzella ENI R&M HSEQ/ITI



UNI EN 689


The European UNI EN 689:1997 standard, annexed to Legislative Decree 81/08, is a complex statutory law that
is continuously being subjected to relevant changes. Furthermore, National Occupational Hygiene Associations
and  international  commissions  such  as  the  European  Chemical  Agency  (ECHA)  and  the  Health  and  Safety
Executive (HSE) has supported the process for updating the guidance documents in the controlling of the risk at
workplaces. In the recent years, there has been a focus on the assessment of occupational exposure to chemical
agents and the relative compliance with health and safety laws including the occupational exposure limit values
(OELVs). The aim of this investigation is to show how a correct procedure of sampling and analysis could work
more effectively if qualified by preliminary studies. A case study, reported in detail in this communication, pro-
vides a sort of guidance and tools to help “appraisers†understand what they need to do to evaluate correctly the
UNI EN 689 requirements.


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