Measurement strategy of inhalation exposure for chemical risk assessment. Standard EN 689/2018 (Part 2): the annexes.


  • Bruno Janis ENI Spa, HSEQ, Roma
  • Maria Ilaria Barra INAIL CONTARP D.C., Roma



Chemical, assessment, workplace, measurement, strategy, compliance


There have been numerous changes in the last years concerning the regulation on the protection of workers from exposure to chemical agents at workplace.
The evaluation of exposure to chemicals is a complex process influenced by different parameters, therefore it is necessary a codified methodological approach; this is illustrated in the new version of the Standard EN 689/2018 issued by CEN last May, which defines the methods for managing measurements and the criteria for validating results and compliance.
The standard has changed a lot from the previous version of 1995. It provides a strategy for exposure measurement and a methodology to assess compliance  to limit values (OELV). It deals with extremely relevant topics in the assessment of chemical risk, among which: identification of the criteria for assessing compliance with statistical methods of greater representativeness and reliability, alternative methods to the exposure assessment (control banding, validated models or algorithms, use of characteristic parameters, ..), exposure to several chemical agents, periodic measurements


UNI EN 689:2018.

Atmosfera nell’ambiente di lavoro -

Misura dell’esposizione per inalazione agli agenti chimici

- Strategia per la verifica della conformità coi valori limite di esposizione occupazionale.