Measurement strategy of inhalation exposure for chemical risk assessment. Standard EN 689/2018 (Part 1): main topics and strategy overview.


  • Maria Ilaria Barra INAIL-CONTARP D.C.- Roma
  • Bruno Janis ENI Spa, Roma



Chemical, assessment, workplace, measurement, strategy, compliance


The risk assessment of inhalation to chemical agents is complex and strictly related to the characteristics of the workplace and the processes that can introduce significant variables in the concentration of airborne pollutants.

The Standard EN689:2018 issued in May by the European Committee for Standardization defines the measurement management strategy and the validation criteria for testing compliance with the exposure limits.

The approach followed in the standard allows the evaluation process to be adapted to a different workplace and exposure profiles with the aim of maximizing the relationship between reliability of results and costs of measurements.

The new standard has introduced a lot of differences when compared to the previous version, the most significant are: the identification of the professional figure of the "appraiser", the possibility of applying alternative methods to measurements of chemical agents (reasonable worst case, control banding, validated models or algorithms, good practice, etc.) and new statistical criteria for testing compliance.


UNI EN 689:2018.

Atmosfera nell’ambiente di lavoro -

Misura dell’esposizione per inalazione agli agenti chimici

- Strategia per la verifica della conformità coi valori limite di esposizione occupazionale.