Formaldehyde is added to the Community list of human carcinogens


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Formaldehyde, CLP-GHS, REACH, carcinogen, occupational exposure


REACH and CLP Regulations lead Formaldehyde to be classified as a carcinogenic for humans in Group 1B. In workplaces
is now mandatory to give full effects to the provisions of Title IX of Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008, Cape II
Carcinogens and mutagens (Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive 2004/37/EC). The European upgrade can be a stimulus
for an accurate and positive outlook for occupational hygiene workers conditions and for a in-depth analysis about
the relationships between scientific knowledge, regulatory standards and daily practices. Untill today the European
Union has not adopted exposure limits for this substance although in presence of a DNEL - SCOEL since 2008. By the
way OEL are established by the German MAK Commission and in USA by the non-governative ACGIH.


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